Underage & Overage Applications

If you feel your child should play in an age category above or below their designated category, you MUST:

  1. Contact your club’s Registrar to inform them and confirm what other steps may be necessary
  2. Register your player in their regular division for the current season
  3. Complete the Player Acceleration (Underage) or Overage application forms and submit with supporting documents to your Registrar (preferably by email in pdf format). Supporting documents can/should include letters of recommendation from your child’s previous Coach and/or Director and/or President and/or doctor (for Overage). The more support, the more likely your application is to be accepted.

The application must be reviewed and approved by KC Hockey and Hockey Edmonton prior to the player’s first skate with the alternate age group, therefore it is best if you start this process as early as possible.

Please Note: Hockey Edmonton only allows over or under age players in rare cases so even if your application is submitted properly that does not guarantee it will be approved.

The Player Acceleration and Overage application forms are available on our Player and Parent Forms page and contact information for the different clubs are available on their websites.