Good of the Game Program

The ‘Good of the Game’ program recommits us to promote and honor the values of fun, respect and positive development by eliminating unacceptable behaviour. 

What is Unacceptable Behaviour? An individual is considered to be displaying unacceptable behavior if they are verbally or physically harassing and/or abusing a game participant (player, coach or official). A more detailed overview of the program, including what is expected of players, coaches and parents, is also available (in PDF format).

If you have a concern that meets the definition of “Unacceptable Behaviour”, please use this form to formally report an incident.

Is your concern about a Referee?

NEW: Many concerns about refereeing do not fall within the framework of ‘For the Good of the Game’. Disputes or objections concerning the conduct of referees which do not meet the above definition of ‘Unacceptable Behaviour, may no longer be submitted directly by parents. To file a complaint about a referee parents should contact the coach or manager of their team who will be able to file a complaint on behalf of their team.


Our “FOR THE GOOD OF THE GAME” program encompasses all participants of the game.  Fun, respect and positive development are the key factors that we focus on. As administrators, it is our responsibility to make all participants aware of these key factors. Parents and coaches will serve as positive role models for our players. The players themselves will strive to do their best at all times while having fun. Referees will also serve an important role as leaders on the ice with fair play as the objective. Keep in mind that we all participate in the game of hockey because it is a sport and it is fun! We will succeed if we all have respect for one another. 
 – Betty Chmilar, President
– Hockey Edmonton