Orest Korbutt Scholarship Program


To financially assist KC hockey players attending post secondary institutions.

Amount of the Awards

Up to a maximum of $15,000.00 will be made available each year to successful applicants of this program. The amount of the award to each successful applicant will be $1,500.00


Graduating U18 players who have completed a minimum of their last 6 consecutive years of active participation in the Knights Of Columbus Elite and/or Federation hockey program or graduating U18 players from KC Hockey who have left the program for one or two seasons to participate in a league in which Knights of Columbus Hockey does not participate(Jr Oilers). Applicants must be accepted in a recognized post secondary institution for consideration by the scholarship committee. Scholarships will be awarded only one time per applicant.


Applications must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of studies, and if all points of merit are equal, the application received earliest will take precedence. Applications submitted more than 2 years after the completion of U18 hockey eligibility WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Applications must be submitted to the “Chairman KC Scholarship Committee” with ALL relevant information:

  • Completed application form
  • Attending Institute and proof of enrollment
  • Office of the Registrar contact information
  • Transcript of high school marks and any other relevant information

Applicants review and degree of merit will be based on the following criteria:

  • Total number of years of participation (Above the required 6 year minimum) in the K of C
  • Proof of academic standing (Transcripts)
  • Supporting documents and or references will be taken into consideration
  • Community involvement, ie volunteer work coaching etc, with supporting documents or references if provided
  • Any other supporting information that might be deemed to be of importance to the selection committee

Download the Orest Korbutt Scholarship application.

Selection Committee

The scholarship committee shall review the applications on a fair and unbiased manner and reserves the right to make awards on special circumstances, as may arise from time to time. The MAXIMUM amount of scholarship monies in any given year is $15,000.00. However if the number of successful applications does not equal $15,000.00, the amount not used will be returned to the scholarship fund.

Payment of Award

The amount of $1,500.00 will be paid directly to the applicant upon proof of admission to the institute in question and provided the other eligibility requirements are met.