Mental Health Support for KC Athletes

As part of KC’s focus on developing and supporting the entire athlete we have partnered with HONE Athletics to provide our athletes with support for their mental health and development.

Here is an explanation of what HONE offers our program and our athletes right from the co-founders of HONE Athletics:

First of all, we at HONE want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank KC Hockey for being part of the leading edge of the conversation around mental health in sport. You are in excellent company among the many other teams, like the 2021 Canadian National Men’s U-18 World Champions, that have already joined forces with HONE to create a movement of whole athletes whose strengths are developed in both body and mind.


HONE is dedicated to bringing mental health into the conversation around athlete development.We know that, when provided with safe, supportive environments, athletes thrive. Mental health disruptions can limit their capacity and prevent them from discovering the boundaries of their potential.

Traditionally, mental health supports have been reactive. However, if we wait for an athlete to put their hand up for help, the problem may already be rooted. We knew there had to be a better way to get out ahead of difficulties. This led to the development of our app.

The HONE app is the only digital platform that allows coaches to watch for and address the common stressors that specifically impact athlete mental health. Now sport leaders can keep a pulse on how the team is doing and, with expert guidance, address it at the team level.


The athletes will download an app that launches a weekly questionnaire based on six common stressors that are known to impact athlete performance. The results are returned to the coaches anonymously and fed into a dashboard where they will be able to assess the trends in how the team is feeling.

In this way, no individual athlete is singled out and coaches can be proactive in supporting their team.


If you have questions about the app or about HONE as a company, please feel free to connect with us! For those athletes seeking individual one-on-one support, we are certified Canadian psychotherapists who specialize in performance-driven mental health care. ( Bookings: )

We look forward to providing your athlete with a full spectrum of support this season!


Co-Founders | HONE Athletics: Jessica Renney & Paula McQuaid – INFO@HONEATHLETICS.COM | WWW.HONEATHLETICS.COM