Jersey Name Bars

Many teams choose to have name bars added to their jerseys. This is allowed by KC Hockey, as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  1. The name bar must be on a separate piece of material similar to that of the jersey. No name may be silk screened directly onto the jersey.
  2. The letter size should be between 2 1/2 ” to 3″ in height. BB / AA Program color shall be:
    – Home (White) Jersey – Black letters on white material
    – Away (Black) Jersey – Gold letters on black material
  3. The name on the bar shall be the same as that which appears on the player card. No abbreviations or nicknames will be permitted.
  4. The choice of name bar use shall be a team decision. However, if the choice is to use name bars, all members of the team must participate. We do not want a situation where some members on a team have name bars and some do not.
    NOTE: The exception to this requirement shall be in the use of affiliated players in the AA Program. Whereby the player called up may use a spare jersey of the higher level team which would not have a name bar affixed.
  5. The name bar must be sewn on and removed professionally without damage to the jersey.
  6. The name bars must be removed before the jerseys are returned to the equipment room.
  7. If any damage is caused to jerseys from name bars being sewn or removed, the team will be charged the replacement cost.