Ice Allocation

KC Arena Operations: For booking inquiries please contact the Arena Manager for more information
– Ice Contracts: October 1 to March 31
– Summer Ice: April 20 to August 5

All EMHA ice comes from the City of Edmonton’s Parks and Recreation department. All regular season games are played on this ice.

Priorities for booking groups are as follows:

  • Department Programs
    Includeing public skating, shinny hockey as well as ‘Learn To’ programs found in most arenas.
  • City Wide Minor Sport Groups
    Ice is provided to groups who, on a city-wide basis, provide ice opportunities to children. Included in these groups are figure skating clubs, hockey, ringette, and speed skating.
  • Adult Contract and Casual Users
    Within this priority, ice is booked first to adult city wide groups, adult contract groups and then to adult casual users.

Ice that is turned back from one of the booking groups is lastly made available to casual users. An EMHA hockey team or zone submitting an application for ice is considered a casual user.

The EMHA Ice Allocation Chairman determines the amount of ice time to be requested from the City based on:

  • total number of teams registered,
  • number of league games for each level, and
  • the amount of time needed to play each game at each level.

Variables may change slightly from year to year requiring more or less ice time being needed for the EMHA to operate this program.

For example, the EMHA, through its own Ice Allocation Committee, takes the block of time it receives from the City and divides it up between the Clubs and Zones. Practice ice is made available to all teams at the start of the season. However, once the leagues in each level have started, ice time is only available for games to be played. The division of time to the Clubs and Zones is based on the previous year’s registered number of teams. For instance, in the previous year a Zone may have fielded 20% of all Zone teams. This particular Zone would then receive 20% of all ice available to the zones in the following year. The EMHA Ice Allocation Committee allocates these hours in specific arenas on specific days during specific time slots.

The EMHA then passes the ice allocated to the Zone to the zones Ice Allocator. The Zones Ice Allocator then allocates the ice to the Parishes (in the case of the Knights of Columbus) for pre-season practice ice or breaks the ice down into slots for scheduling games.

The City of Edmonton has two (2) categories of ice. ‘P’ ice is practice ice, which is rented by K of C or Zones at prime rate plus G.S.T. ‘A’ ice is season game ice for all Zones.

K of C Ice Allocators advise all ‘P’ category users to notify us 7 days prior to change or cancellation of ice.

No shows on ‘A’ ice category is an automatic penalty of actual ice cost / per hour. This ice is usually pre-season, or during the season as ice becomes available.