2020-21 Season Update

February 3, 2021

Good afternoon KC families,

As you are likely aware Hockey Alberta made the decision to cancel the remaining league games for the 2020-2021 season. While the cancellation of league games is disappointing, the goal of our club and our leagues is to see our players get back on the ice. As Hockey Edmonton stated yesterday, they have prepared for a return to ice when restrictions lift, hopefully on March 1, 2021. Their plan is to continue with skill development and possible cohort games ending the season on April 30, 2021.

The message from Hockey Alberta is that though league games have been cancelled the entire season has not been cancelled. Unfortunately, that leaves us waiting until at least March 1, 2021 before we know what the rest of our season will look like. We are, as we have been, at the mercy of AHS and the Government of Alberta. As soon as we get more direction from Hockey Alberta/Hockey Edmonton on what the remaining season looks like, we will provide more information to our families.

We know families are wondering about potential refunds and we want to confirm that KC Hockey is expecting to refund some of the registration fees our members paid. We appreciate your patience as the refund process will take some time and we cannot process refunds until the season is concluded. We will be waiting for our governing bodies (Hockey Alberta and Hockey Edmonton) to issue their refunds to us then we can start to calculate what goes back to our families. To manage expectations, we ask you to bear in mind that there are many factors that go into the determination of fees, some of which are fixed costs.

Considering these expenses, we will be calculating refunds based on programming provided at the various levels. We know that some Alberta organizations will not be providing refunds, but KC Hockey is committed to providing fair refunds and not retaining anything extra than covering the costs that we have incurred this season.

We know this has been a long season so far and we appreciate our KC families for sticking with us. Your continued patience and understanding as we move through this season are appreciated.

Thank you.
Bruce Fitzpatrick
President, Hockey Operations