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Ehren Menard – Head Coach



The KC Pats Legacy



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We fill our daily lives by participating in and commemorating traditions. Millions of Canadians embrace customs such as the Stanley Cup final, Grey Cup Sunday, shopping the day after Christmas, or the Canadian World Junior Hockey Championships. Some traditions go back dozens or even hundreds of years and for the most part, we inherit customs based on what was established before us and as a lasting legacy, we pass those traditions down from generation to generation, from year to year or from team to team. Rarely though do we ever have the opportunity to participate in the inception of a tradition, however over the last two years the K of C PATS players have created a culture for future K of C PATS players who aspire one day to play for this hockey team, by establishing a reputation of “pride” and creating a traditional history that will preserve the staples for success year after year.

Every time that the K of C PATS Hockey Team takes to the ice in athletic competition, they create a sense of history based upon the legacy established over the last two years for the benefit of future generations of players that can continue to reflect to others just what it really means “TO BE A PAT.”

Ultimately the K of C PATS hockey team and our program is striving to create a benchmark, or a milestone of excellence relating to performance that involves a tradition and legacy for Midget AAA hockey in Edmonton so that future players are proud to uphold.

By members of the KC PATS Hockey Team:

  • What does it mean to be a member of the Knights of Columbus PATS?
  • What are the responsibilities and what is expected of a PAT?
  • What are the lessons you learn on and off the ice as a member of the PATS?
  • What advice you can give to a future player wanting to become a KC PAT?


  • To be a part of the KC PATS is an honor. You must dedicate yourself to learning the Golden Bear Way to be successful. The P.A.W. is also the secret and learning it will give you success and opportunity.
  • Being a PAT is more than being a hockey player. It is a lifestyle that you live both on and off the ice. You live this lifestyle with a sense of pride, commitment and dedication. Everything you do and every decision you make will be made with the PAT mentality. It is a belief instilled into you that you will „win the race to the puck‟ or knowing that doing something may not help you directly personally but it will help your team become one step closer to your own goals indirectly.
  • All my life I was coached to win by practicing only systems and coaches only playing the top guys and for me there was never a stage where repetitions for development came into play or were emphasized. Being lucky enough to play for the KC PATS has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. To be a PAT I have learned that you need a great attitude towards everything you do on and off the ice as a player and as a person.
  • I have been privileged for the past two years to play for the KC PATS because it was the first time that winning at all costs wasn‟t as important as making sure that everyone could play in every situation so teams would not be able to „shut down‟ our top two lines. Winning also wasn‟t as important as me getting better and developing as a player. The KC PATS are a cohesive four line, six defensemen and two goaltender hockey team where everyone has each others „back‟ and everyone is expected to be working as hard as you will. Being a PAT creates a second family because you‟ll get to know your teammates so well.
  • Being a KC PAT is an honor and a responsibility at the same time because what you do on and off the ice always represents the “KC PATS Way.” This team is your second family and you will do whatever it takes to look out for your teammate on and off the ice no matter what the situation is.
  • Playing for the KC PATS is more than just playing hockey – it is a lifestyle dedicated to attention, to detail, to accountability and respect for both yourself and your teammates.
  • Being a member of the KC PATS means to be recognized as a team that works extra harder than anyone else in the AMHL.
  • I have been pretty successful at every level I played in, but to be a successful member of the KC PATS one must be able to want to learn a lot, to constantly „step outside one‟s comfort zone,‟ and most of all listen to every word that the coaching staff is saying. I learned most of this the hard way. At the beginning of the year I thought I was going to be one of the better players in the league and I thought I could just keep doing what I was doing in the past. I had a very hard time „buying in to the team‟s structure‟ because I didn’t understand how team success could create individual success. I wasn‟t scoring and I wasn‟t contributing to the team and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I could do to improve my game and one day it just clicked: “why don’t I just buy in and play the way my coaches want me to play and trust that they want me to succeed?” When I did I was a whole new player and by simplifying my game and being responsible in both ends of the rink I created success for the PATS and ultimately for myself. Being apart of the KC PATS teaches you that good defensive zone play allows for more and better scoring opportunities because you are working hard to get the puck back and that team success creates individual success when you are willing put the team in front of yourself at all times. When I did „buy in‟ I became a better player, I learned how to prepare for games, I improved my practice habits, I became a better person and I greatly improved mentally which is critical to becoming a successful hockey player. I would recommend to a future PAT to „buy-in‟ to the team structure right away and do what the coaches ask of you – you won‟t be sorry that you did.
  • Being a PAT is the most I ever learned and the most fun I have ever had playing hockey.
  • Being a KC PAT involves talent yes, but it also involves commitment and a lot of hard work. If you commit yourself to the „KC PAT WAY‟ it will get you to the next level.


A KC PAT is expected to:

  • Always have a great attitude towards yourself and towards your team mates
  • Be a great person to yourself and to your team mates
  • Have a strong work ethic and to push yourself to “the extra degree‟
  • Give your all every time you are at the rink no matter what the circumstances are
  • Buy into the team system early – The “team game‟ creates individual success
  • “Act as a professional‟ and treat everyone with respect at all times – even the arena staff
  • Always be the best you can possibly be as a person and as a player (Man in the Mirror)
  • Individual success will come as a result of the team‟s success
  • Show up to the rink ready to work hard to improve yourself as a person everyday for the greater success of the team and the rest of the PATS around you
  • Play “in your face, tough hockey‟ and never be intimidated by anyone because you will practice harder and prepare more than any other Midget AAA team in the AMHL
  • Buy into the concept of team and put the team first in order to gain individual success
  • Be 100% committed to being a team player (“No Individual Acts because it is ALWAYS about the team‟)
  • Come to the rink everyday with a good attitude and great work ethic and you will be rewarded with team and individual success
  • Always be a “2!” and do everything you can to help the team
  • Demonstrate the “90 / 10 Principle” to yourself and to your team mates and do what the coaches ask you to do because they want you to succeed
  • Demonstrate the “Golden Bear Way‟ by being dedicated to pushing yourself and your teammates to a higher level of intensity and consistency
  • Take Pride in everything you do – put your signature on your work
  • Play with sacrifice in order to obtain success as a team


  • You‟ll learn the Golden BEAR Way – to be good to yourself and others and push yourself and your team mates to be the best they can be on and off the ice
  • You‟ll learn that the mental state of a player often means more than the physical capability of the player
  • You‟ll learn that the power of the „belief that you can achieve‟ will translate into that „double O.T. goal‟ or whether you „chip the puck out‟ in a crucial situation to keep your team out of trouble
  • You‟ll learn that it is not just good enough to work hard, as a PAT you‟ll have to work extra hard (212 degree hard)
  • You‟ll learn that the P.A.W. will make you a better player and a better person
  • You‟ll learn that the destination isn‟t as important as the journey and the many „ups and downs‟ that you endure during the season allows you to become a better player on and off the ice
  • You‟ll learn to become a better person and you will be honored that you were a KC PAT for the rest of your life
  • You‟ll learn that by „sticking with your „P.A.W.‟ and being an „M.I.T. player” you can be a leader on the team to help create success for the PATS as well as yourself
  • You‟ll learn that you can never be too prepared and what you practice is what makes it permanent in the games
  • Off the ice you‟ll learn to be a better person, not only to others but yourself as well
  • You‟ll learn the true value of work ethic and what it means to go the „extra degree‟
  • You‟ll learn that being prepared and having a great attitude along with a strong work ethic will help you achieve success
  • You‟ll learn that whether the PATS are the best team or worst team in the league, anyone who gets to play for them will benefit in every way possible
  • You‟ll learn that playing for the PATS prepares you for years to come and being a part of the team can help you go anywhere in hockey or life
  • You‟ll bring back the passion for the game and learn to be competitive again to move on to the next level even if you lost that feeling for a while
  • You will never forget the season you play for the PATS – “You‟ll learn so much”
  • You‟ll learn that the P.A.W. is the secret to playing at your very best when your very best is required
  • You‟ll learn that Team Success leads to Individual Success every time
  • You‟ll learn that being a PAT means to be respectful to yourself and others both on and off the ice
  • You‟ll learn that being a PAT means to always “FEED THE RIGHT WOLF”
  • You‟ll learn that it is important to support your teammates and be patient with each other because everyone brings value to the team
  • You‟ll learn that the greater good of the team must always be put a head of the „wants‟ of the individual player
  • You‟ll learn that it is OK to make mistakes when you are a PAT as long as you work as hard as you can – internalize it, learn from it and move on


For those trying out for the PATS I would advise you to come to try-outs in the best shape of your life with no fear to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

  • Never accept being pushed around – you have to “battle hard‟ every shift and every drill
  • Stay accountable to your own actions at all times by not playing the victim who feels entitled to be given privileges and is always looking to be rescued by blaming and pointing fingers at others for your own mistakes
  • Make your opponents dislike playing against you because you work so hard and play the PATS system which is the „team game‟
  • Buy into the team structure‟ early and be very coachable so that you can help your team be great and in doing so you will help yourself be great
  • The way to become a successful KC PAT is to have your mindset geared towards „team‟ at the start of the season so you can „buy-in‟ to the team structure
  • If you work hard on this team and you have a great attitude you will have no problem
  • Work as hard as you can every practice and every game and don‟t stop working even if the season is over
  • The coaches here are trying to get you to the next level and they sure as hell won‟t quit on you as long as you don‟t quit on them
  • If you want to be a successful KC PAT the things you must have is a great P.A.W. and have the ability to internalize and execute what the coaches want you to do
  • Approach every game with the mindset that a „warrior‟s face reflects his heart when going into battle‟
  • You must „buy-in‟ to the team structure, implement the P.A.W. to every practice and every game and above all listen to what the coaches tell you because they know how to get you to the next level because they care about you
  • Be a great teammate and first and foremost treat yourself with respect at all times
  • You must not worry about who gets the credit – the PATS always come first
  • A piece of advice I would give to a future PAT is to „buy-in‟ to the team‟s structure as quickly as possible by getting rid of your individual selfishness
  • Come to every practice willing to learn (you‟ll learn a lot) and be as coachable as possible
  • Everything revolves around the team – it doesn‟t matter if you are the best player or the weakest player on the team you are expected to have a great attitude and be the hardest working player you can be – you are expected to finish your checks, block shots, stay disciplined and „walk away, ‟clear pucks with authority‟ and be a great team mate
  • Get used to 45 second shifts and leaving your first wind on the ice. You catch your second wind on the bench after your shift is done
  • To have success in the AMHL and on the PATS you have to move the puck often, you have to move your feet, you have to get pucks and bodies to the net and you have to be a hard player to play against every shift.