Transfers, Drafts & Imports

Movement of BB (House Hockey) Players within EMHA

Players in Initiation (Timbits), Novice, Bantam and Midget are able to transfer to and away from KC Hockey without release or any other forms from the club you are leaving. Mobility is not available for Atom and Peewee aged player.

For Atom and Peewee aged players, they are considered a part of the club where they played their last year of Novice. For example, a player who plays with St. Matthew for his second year of Novice must stay with a KC Hockey Club and he would not be able to register with the Eagles the following season. The player would be able to move between KC clubs, however – from St. Matthew to St. Charles for example – with approval from sending and receiving clubs. If a player wants to move to or away from Knights Of Columbus Hockey in Atom or Peewee, they can apply for Player Movement through Hockey Edmonton.

A player moving with his family from one district to another within Edmonton can choose to register with KC or the alternative program in that area. A player’s residence as of September 1st will determine where the player registers. Please see the Hockey Edmonton website for further information on their rules in this regard.

Movement of AA (Rep Hockey) Players within EMHA


Players wishing to try out for a Rep program other than their home club may only do so if they have been released (cut) from the team they are trying out for. Once players have been cut from a rep team they can choose to participate in the city-wide draft. The player must obtain a written temporary release form from the KC AA Director Bruce Fitzpatrick (780-777-9539) which authorizes the Player to try out for a rep team with another program. Once the form is signed the player has 7 days (10 days for Midget AAA) in which to try out for any club that will allow him to skate. If after the 7 days (10 days for Midget AAA), the player has not been picked up by one of the other clubs, the player returns to KC. If the player is signed with another club, at the end of the season (by May 1st) the player must provide a written letter of intent to the EMHA stating whether they wish to stay with the new club or return to KC the following year. For further information, see the EMHA Operating Directives.


Import rules only apply to Midget AAA. This rule allows players from another Local Minor Hockey Association (LMHA) to try out for a Midget AAA team within the EMHA area. All players released from another LMHA and who request to try out for an EMHA Midget AAA team will be put into the import draw. Import draws are made immediately upon telephone call to the EMHA Registrar or designate. This gives a player the opportunity to try out for another team without delay. For further information, see the EMHA Operating Directives.