Learn to Play Hockey with KC

The KC Hockey Club is built around developing players in an environment where young athletes learn to play the game while learning to love it at the same time.

The beginner hockey program (also known as TimBits or Initiation hockey) is intended for young players starting out in the game aged 4, 5 or 6 (as of Dec. 31). The program will help young players learn the game, develop their skills, and have a lot of fun making great friends while they are at it!

Registration is easy – just click here to find the ‘house hockey’ club in your area.

Why choose KC?

KC Hockey is committed to developing players as athletes and young women and men, while ensuring they have fun at the same time and grow in their love of the game. Our goal is to develop the ability and character of every player to ensure each of them reaches their full potential at every age and every skill level.

How to get started

Start by registering your player online or coming by our in-person registration session. Get full details on our House Hockey registration page

Why play hockey?

More than a game 

Hockey is a big part of life in Canada, and a big part of who we are as Canadians. It’s easy to see why – hockey helps young people develop skills on the ice that build a foundation for a lifetime. Hockey builds general athletic ability that can carry over to other sports, and also builds confidence and pride, improves focus and develops responsibility. With an emphasis on fun, hockey is a game to be played and enjoyed for life.

Life-long friendships 

Ask anyone who has played hockey about the friends they make and they’ll tell you that some of their best friendships started on the ice. Players walk into the locker room at the beginning of the year as strangers but leave with lifelong friends. Starting with the bonds created in the locker room to the relationships formed on ice, this camaraderie encourages teamwork and the natural development of leadership skills.

Prepare for success 

Right from the start hockey teaches young players to balance school and responsibilities at home with time at the rink – valuable time management skills that will serve them well later in life. The lessons learned playing as part of a team build character and leadership skills from a young age that are just as important in a boardroom as they are on the ice.

Hockey is fun 

Hockey can be a serious game sometimes, but at KC Hockey we always remember that players need to have fun if they are to get the benefits. We offer a range of teams and programs that suit every player, so they’ll always remember the thrill of carrying the puck in on a breakaway, the exhilaration of scoring their first goal or making that amazing save.

The KC Advantage

The KC Hockey Club has its own arena that enables KC teams to book additional ice for extra practices or exhibition games, as well as meeting rooms that can be used for parent or team meetings or even for team pizza parties. The focus of KC’s program on development means your player will be given every possible opportunity to excel and grow into the best player they can be, whether they end up playing for fun or at a very elite level.

The KC program is anchored in the development of player skills, a focus on building strong character, and a continual drive to improve competitive performance. At KC Hockey your player will be exposed to age-appropriate opportunities to grow and enjoy the game of hockey – and build friendships that can last a lifetime.

KC Clubs

KC is a city-wide club that has community programs that mean you register to play with your neighbours, and we do everything we can to make sure your ice times are as close to home as possible. It means you play with people who live near you, making it much easier to ride share, and to build friendships that can grow outside hockey!

We Make it Easy to Get Started

Register your your player online today, or by coming to our in-person registration sessions. Get full details on our House Hockey registration page

Questions and Answers

Is hockey safe ?

Yes. There is some risk of injury in every sport, but hockey players wear more protective equipment than any other sport. There are even studies showing hockey injuries are generally less serious and lead to fewer emergency room visits than basketball and soccer. Youth hockey is carefully structured with age-appropriate rules intended to keep players safe. There is no body contact, for example, until players reach the bantam age (13 – 14) and there is no fighting in minor hockey at any age.

Who will be coaching my child?

Teams are generally coached by volunteer parent – coaches. All coaches must undergo a standard background check as required by Hockey Edmonton. Head coaches must be certified by attending coaching clinics and completing a safety course, and KC Hockey also offers additional resources to help develop our coaches as well as our players.

What equipment is required?

We’ve posted a full article on equipment and sizing in the Parent Resource section of our website. Parents can also get help with equipment from the club when they register – we can help with advice on what your player needs, as well as letting you know about Financial Assistance programs that are available for registration fees and equipment.

Get started today!

KC Hockey is made up of the KC Hockey Club and five regional ‘House Hockey’ clubs that divide the city into regions so players can play closer to home. All players start playing for the club in their area at the initiation level.

At the initiation level you simply register your player with the parish that covers the area where you live. Registration is now open and you can get full registration details here.

Note: Financial Assistance is available for registration fees and equipment