Sabres Bingo Information

All Sabre Bingo Events are at CASTLEDOWNS BINGO HALL, 12222 – 137 Avenue (Behind the Boston Pizza and Second Cup).

Bingo Events are 5:00pm – midnight. Please be on time or call the hall at 780-457-4671 to speak to the Chairperson to advise otherwise.

If you are not sure of the date you have signed up for or can’t make your event please contact the KC office at 780-457-4527 or by email to .

Bingo cheques or credit card authorizations will be cashed or charged if you fail to show up for your event!

Thank-you very much for all your volunteer hours at the bingo hall…it allows our KC players more ice time!

Bingo Refunds

If you have paid by credit card, your credit card will be refunded within one week of the bingo worked.

If you have left a bingo deposit cheque, your cheque will be shredded at the office within one week of the bingo worked.  If you would like your bingo deposit cheque returned, please contact the KC Office @ 780-457-4527 or