Hockey Committee

The affairs and business relating to hockey operations of the Knights of Columbus Hockey Association (KC) and relating to matters involving EMHA, AAHA, Federation Hockey Council and “AA” Council, will be managed by a Hockey Committee made up of the Operations President, Vice President, “AA” Director, “BB” Director, Ice Allocator , Registrar, and all Overall Category Directors (Coordinators).   All members are appointed annually by the KC Board of Directors of the Society.   This committee will operate under a set of regulations established by the KC Board of Directors and the Hockey Committee.   Each committee member shall have one vote each. The KC Board of Directors of the Society shall always maintain veto powers on matters that may be detrimental to the K of C Hockey Program.


The Hockey Committee shall have regular monthly meetings to be held on the 3rd Monday of each month from August to April, plus other meetings as required. (All Coordinators must attend all meetings).

Power and Duties

  • Attend all hockey meetings by EMHA, AAHA, “AA” Council, Federation Hockey Council, and K of C Hockey Committee.
  • Interpret and enforce the rules and regulations of EMHA, AAHA, “AA” Council, Federation Hockey Council and K of C.
  • Appoint Category Coordinators.
  • Communicate with Parishes and “AA”/”BB” teams.
  • Register players and teams in accordance with EMHA rules and meet all established time lines.
  • Allocate ice times.
  • Promote K of C Hockey Program.
  • Recruit new players and coaches to the K of C Program.

Representatives for Meetings


  • President
  • “AA” Director
  • “BB” Director
REM League

  • Board Member
  • President
  • Midget Coordinator
“AA” Council

  • President
  • “AA” Director
  • Board Member
Federation Hockey Council

  • Vice President
  • “BB” Director
  • Ass’t. “BB” Director