Travel Policies & Procedures

Transportation Policy

The Knights of Columbus Hockey Association recommends the following:

  1. All teams traveling to league games over 100 km shall travel by chartered bus (NO Exceptions)
  2. All “AAA/AA” Teams traveling to Sanctioned Exhibition Games or Tournaments over 150 km must travel by chartered bus (NO Exceptions).  It is further recommended that all other teams follow this policy.
  3. Team Management/Parish Managers must notify private vehicle owners of the transportation risk.

Alberta Hockey and the EMHA requires that every Edmonton Team obtain a Travel Permit to travel outside of the City Boundaries. League Games Exempt.

Knights of Columbus Hockey Association Policy

Due to insurance reasons Travel Permits may only be obtained through the following process (for games and practice):

  1. All travel permits must be submitted to the KC Office.
  2. The team must approach their Category Director for first approval. The Category Director will in turn obtain City League approvals and sign off prior to going to one of the appropriate authorities listed below.
  3. The Knights of Columbus Hockey Board designates the issuing of Travel Permits to the Operations President under the following conditions:
    – Out Of Province requests must be brought to the Board for approval before the permit is issued.
    – The Operations President brings to each Board Meeting all In Province Travel Permits which have been issued for ratification.
    – No Travel Permit to be issued to “AA” Teams with outstanding accounts.
  4. The following are the only authorized people to issue Travel Permits (this authority cannot be designated to others):
    a) President – “AA” Teams
    b) Vice-President – “AA” Teams
    c) Knights Overall Director
    d) Sabres Overall Director
    e) “BB” Program Overall Director

Travel Permits

Permits are needed to ensure insurance coverage is provided when traveling outside of the City of Edmonton boundaries, even to St. Albert or Sherwood Park, except for league games – get full exhibition and tournament game permit information here.

Permits take extra time for events that include travel:
For in-province travel please allow one week approval.
For out-of-province travel, applications must be submitted before the first Wednesday of the month prior to the event.

NOTE: Travel permits must also be filed with the AA Director.