Accident Report Procedures

Hockey is a fast sport played by strong athletes, and sometimes accidents can occur leading to injuries. In the case of an injury, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Accident Report Forms are to be filled out at the time any player is injured playing hockey. (Even if an ambulance is not called.)
  2. It is the responsibility of the coach or team manager to ensure the Accident Report Form is completed in its entirety.
  3. If the player is sent to a doctor, have the doctor fill in the proper section.
  4. Submit the fully completed form to the K.C. Office ASAP, and no later than 75 days from the date of the accident.
  5. If an ambulance is used, it is the responsibility of the parents to pay the invoice if they have insurance coverage.
  6. If the parents do not have insurance to cover the cost of the ambulance, they can submit the ORIGINAL INVOICE into the K.C. Office to be forwarded to Hockey Alberta in Red Deer.
  7. Hockey Alberta will only reimburses 80% of the invoice. It is the responsibility of the parents to cover the remaining 20%. (This is not under the EMHA Insurance on all registered players).

C.A.H.A. Accident Insurance benefits do not cover:

  1. Benefits eligible for payment by an Employee’s Private Medical and/or Dental Plan.
  2. Any benefits provided or paid by any Gov’t. Hospital or Medical Plans, whether or not the injured person is included in such plan.
  3. The purchase, repair, or replacement of eyeglasses or contact lenses, or prescriptions thereof.
  4. The services of a physiotherapist or masseur.
  5. Sickness or disease either as a cause of effect.
  6. The expenses of a knee brace or similar device, the use of which is solely to allow an insured person to participate in a game or practice of hockey.